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February 6, 2004
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calab-Naruto shadow repli by Mrknownothing calab-Naruto shadow repli by Mrknownothing
this was a sper-moment calab with anime-dragon26. this is abviously naruto doin his shadow replication ninjitsu. and yeah...... hope ya like it! full veiw if you'ed like :slow:

Line work: anime-dragon26:boogie:
Coloring: mrknownothing(me):dance:
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mooni Mar 15, 2004  Professional General Artist
Hee, that's cool 8)
Love all naruto art ^^
Very talentedly done picture, you've got nice feeling to it ^---^
im not anime-dragon23 im anime-dragon26

oops ^_^;; im an idiot. damn it! :sniff::sprint:
- This looks great :) you guys make a great team! :D
I've seen this before... When using direct refferance, it's often a good idea to post a link to the original work, for copyright reasons... ;)

For a direct refferance drawing, I'm not too impressed, I think Dragon could've done a better job on the lineart. My reason for saying this is because I used to do this kind of stuff for training..
It looks like the lineart was drawn with a marker or something... Use a pencil, yea? ;)
I don't have any real bugs to point out about it, but remember to post links to the refferance whenever you do this kind of stuff. Don't get me wrong, though, direct refferance is actually a great way to train your abilities.
like i said this was more of a sper-moment type deal. the line art was drawn last year last at school. It was orignally drawn in pencil but went over it with marker giving it a better looks i guess. So yeah give the man a little more credit please. The original line art was sent to me about 3 weeks ago just to show, and 2 days ago i was talking to anime-dragon23 when i decided to color the picture. so anyway this calab wasnt planned at all, five min after finishing it i submited it, giving the artist credit. Not to be affensive or anything but i think a little more credit was due, im glad u couldnt find any real bugs. but please show a little more appreciation. im sorry if i come off strong, and i understand that u practiced doing reference art, we appreciate ur advice and we will consider it in the future =D.
sorry, didnt mean to be to mean. I guess we really didnt know where it was from at the time.somthen liek that. anyway. thanks for the crit. =D
Well, my not pointing out any errors is unusual ;) I like the drawing, all I'm saying is to let people know it isn't an original drawing. If it's a year old, it's good, I know myself how much difference a year can make, which is why I try not to comment on older stuff. But instead of using a marker to clean-draw the outline, use a pen, it's a lot thinner and lets you do cleaner work. ^_^
PkingSora Feb 6, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
LOL great job with the coloring and the line work you too ^^
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